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Thread: Question about using a stylus

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    Question about using a stylus

    What do I need to do to use a stylus instead of a mouse with art rage?

    Does that require getting a graphics tablet, and if so can anyone recommend a good but moderately priced one?

    2.6 Full Edition

    Windows 7

    Currently just a mouse.

    Thank you.
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    wacom is the best way to go for a tablet. if price is an issue, sometimes on craigslist for reasonable price and sometimes you can find a refurbished one on Wacom. Also try the educational software sites... usually get a reduction there.
    I got a graphire 3 wireless refurbished for 100 bucks, so that was a steal I thought.
    Most folks recommend the Intuos 3 or Intuos 4 as a tablet. Small sizes work just fine and don't take up a lot of desktop.

    there are a lot of threads about people's preferences.

    here is one:

    There is also the cintiq for drawing right on the screen or the ipad.

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    Thumbs up Thank you!

    Thank you gzairborne for the great info.

    Very helpful!

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