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Thread: Sir Francis Seymour Haden

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    Sir Francis Seymour Haden

    My wife has a sepia reproduction (?) of a Sir Francis Seymour Haden print entitled "Shere Mill Pond" (Surrey). She would like to know if it has any value. Beneath the mat, below the artist's signature (Seymour Haden 1860) is another signature - A Barry (not sure if we are reading this correctly).This print is mounted on old, yellowed fiber board. It was found in the attic of a 3 story 19th Century Victorian home in Maine 25 years ago. The house was once filled with period furniture and art of the times. The home owner's wife was a collector of glass, furniture, dolls of the period. Appraisals are not in our budget. We just want to get an idea as to whether or not we should pursue a formal appraisal.
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    Here is a research starting point.

    good luck

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