Hi there people, sorry for being not so much present but we moved to the new house and they didn't activate the net yet, so I have few chances of being online

I would like to let you know that in February issue (66) of ImagineFX there is a workshop I wrote about GIMP, the subject being speed painting a creature concept.

Link : http://www.imaginefx.com/02287754330...-issue-66.html

The dvd within the magazine includes a 25 minutes video with the whole process, some brushes and patterns and other stuff. It's not ArtRage but I think it could be interesting since it shows an approach to a more general topic.

A friend that already grabbed a copy told me that my images were printed with a lot of contrast and lost many of the subtle details in the dark parts, I didn't get my copy yet so I can't judge. I hope it's not a big deal! I'll post the final image on my blog as soon as I have net again and I can upload big stuff (I'm online via tethering and 3G network in Italy sucks), so that people can watch it in its original form

Have a great time people!