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Thread: I took my laptop to painting class

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    Cool I took my laptop to painting class


    I'm an architecture student and autumn 2010 we had to choose either painting or drawing. I chose to paint with ArtRage. Luckily, our painting teacher was OK with it, as she was interested in seeing the process. Half of the grading committee wasn't so I only got 4 out of 5. Here are the pictures..

    Anyway, it was really fun and I do hope I can get an Intuos4 L for myself soon. These were made with a borrowed one. Also, as a compliment to the developers, ArtRage is the first computer program I have bought (Studio, couldn't afford Pro).

    P.S. I'm not qualified to use links in my posts, so google for bigger pictures in my tumblr.
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    Well, I'm quite impressed. I think there is still a lot of resistance to the new technology, because as you have experienced, there are many professionals who are basically against something they don't understand. A bit more than a yr ago, I started doing plein Air digital, and have become adept at it. I regularly sell my works, and get commissions, so stick to it, it will happen for you. As far as an intuous is concerned, it was a long time before I could afford one, too. The first tablet I bought was a Hanvon 8-6. I still use it with my Dell when I go out to paint plein air. And it was less than $100.
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    blimey I would be chuffed if I could paint as good

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    These are great paintings luminarious, the sheen on the glassware is great. Well done
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