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    Smile Bristle Brush

    Hi. I am a new ArtRage for iPad user and I sure am happy with the app.

    My feature requests are:

    A bristle brush... A brush where you can see the underlying paint through streaks of opaque paint like made by pressing hard on a real brush to spread the bristles apart. In Photoshop you get this with a brush capture from a loose bunch of dots that act as the separate bristle when spacing is at 0%. This type brush is very helpful for painting head and body hair, leaves on trees, and other stuff where you want individual bristle marks. Also it permits creating texture by building up opaque paint where underlying paint is visible through the striations to create depth and it is also good for shading since you can kind of cross hatch with it. In real oil painting I get the effect by pressing down hard on a stiff fan brush loaded with paint but no solvent. I have tried to get the effect by balancing pressure and solvent settings on the oil brush in ArtRage but I can't really get the spread bristle look of striations of opaque paint with space between them.

    I also would like if the square tip brush had more volume at the start like the round since right now the brush starts with a kind of consistent jagged edge which betrays the digital nature a bit while generally with paint that first touch where the brush mark hits canvas has kind of thick loaded paint rather than broken as at the end of the stroke.

    Finally, a fancy "wish-for" is a viscosity setting on the oil brush in addition to paint load and pressure so the amount of blending can be controlled--sort of an adjustable Insta-Dry.

    And a feature I don't think I would newsweekly use much but would be a cool feature for iPad sous be to have tilt of the iPad control the drip of paint on a drippy paint brush.

    The one feature though I really want is that bristle brush.

    Anyway, great app. These are just my wish list items for it. Thank you for making this software.

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    Thumbs up

    I would also like the bristle brush feature in addition to support for the Wacom Art-Pen

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