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Thread: Free books

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    Free books

    I don´t know if this will be of any interest, but I thought I´d share it. I got an email from Drawspace with the following. You can sign up for a free account and then download these in PDF format. I don´t know if they´re any good, but for the price and the ease of deletion, they might be worth a look.

    Until January 10th, both:
    "Drawspace Guide to Getting Started with Drawing" & "Illustrated
    Dictionary of Art-related Terms" by Brenda Hoddinott will be available
    as free e-book downloads from Drawspace.

    Your new books are waiting for you on your "My Drawspace" page:
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    Seems to be very interesting site. I shall download those e-books as soon as my internet connection is going to be okay(as of now it is erratic and unreliable)!
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    HI Scott,

    Try to read and submit and also both with many types of e-books mags and all. FREE (mostly).

    Scott I think you would really enjoy fictionpress as they need proofers too as stories being written online need to be proofed and so on. Anyone can publish or get critiqued as you write. A nice place to lay your pen.

    One could actually write a story or book and use your own paintings/ photos etc, wo. cool.

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    Thanks Scott. I have one of Brenda Hoddinott's books. I love her-she is such a wonderful sketch artist.

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