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Thread: linux question

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    linux question

    does anyone know how to load or re-load on linux? i use pinguy which is ubuntu based i HAD artrage 2.5 running it will not NOT uninstall (goes too fast then no "install" option only repair/remove or so) have issues

    does anyone know where the wine folder is with the program infos? (it appears 3 wont install atm eighter) i just spent a good few days to get my wacom tablet installed please help me! (i do have 2 outheer hdds that will not(hopefully) have issues but im on my linux drive id like it working (my biggest hdd and my laptop in one)

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    update of sorts

    2.5 WAS registerd NOW its not letting me enter name/key

    3 did work on first load now its vstuck on one tool--WHAT am i dooing wrong? i see 3 appears to like pressures unlike the linux programs

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    wine is a hidden folder ! ./wine
    I use gnome commander there its settings tab options
    in filters umark the hidden files

    V3 i stopped trying now run a wc on virtualbox

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