Firstly Id like to say this is not a copy “X” package because it suits me better post. I genuinely believe that the existing and unique core of Artrage could be exposed for easier and non linear work flows.

I make these presumptions about Artrage and they are the basis of my suggestion. For each texel on the canvas/layer an array of material/medium properties is stored.

As an example only;

Material Diffuse color
Material Specularity
Material Height or thickness
Material Viscosity or Wetness

and Possibly more

I've been using Artrage for a week or so now and I understand I am still very much a novice when it comes to getting the best out of great software. What I have found is that the depth of the emulation in Artrage can trap the novice like myself. Leading to what can be interpreted as a bug when in truth the software is behaving exactly as it should.

A simple practical example of this is when mix media is used within the same layer. The various mediums with their individual properties will ( as they should) behave differently when blended smudged or smeared.

This can lead to some initial confusion when the knife tool doesn’t smear a section of the image as it does its surrounding areas because the User/artist had decided to mix media in an unrealistic way.

Although I have used blending as an example, the property’s of the medium/materials do interact other more subtle ways as well.

So where am I going with all of this?
Well I was hoping to be able to do the following two things.

  • 1) Paint into channels that reveal particular Material/Medium properties
  • 2) Have tools that only alter a particular property.

This would achieve the following things for Artrage which as far as I know cant be done on similar software.

  • When some one (like myself) paints them self into a corner my mixing in appropriate mediums or by using too much thinners. They will then have a method to fix the problem areas.
  • Visualize the material properties to allow the user to make adjustments to their technique appropriately.
  • Allow some one to scan an existing real world work , define the properties of the surfaces then continue on working that medium digitally in the spirit of the original.

I hope you have found my suggestion useful. I realize that a well accomplished artist in Artrage could avoid most of the highlighted problems, but I believe that a large section of your user base would benefit from these extensions. I will continue to enjoy using Artrage regardless of any outcomes.