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Thread: Save costume pen?

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    Save costume pen?


    I'm a newbie of ArtRage under Windows XP. My question is as follow. How can I save a costume pen with costume proporties? I think it is a simply think for the professional users.

    Greetings Jürgen

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    Hi JuergenB, welcome to the forums.

    You can save a new preset for a tool by following these steps:
    1 - Select the tool you wish to create a preset for and change its Settings to what you like to use.

    2 - Open the Presets panel by clicking on the Preset pod or by going to "View > Preset Collection".

    3 - On the Preset panel, locate the button that reads "New Preset", and click on it (see image below).

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    4 - Use the panel that opens to create your preset by giving it a name, selecting the group you'd like it in, and creating an icon for it if you'd like (see image below).

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    5 - Click "Ok" to create the preset, and you're done.
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    Thank very much for this information. Now, how can I change saved costumate pens? Or delete costumate pens? I can't do with with right mouse klick!

    Greetings Jürgen

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    select the preset that you made and then make the changes you want and then:

    1. save it with the exact same name in the exact same group
    2. you should get a box that asks if you want to replace
    click replace
    3. click on the preset icon and select sample preview image
    4. drag the little window over the area you want to represent the icon image and click the check mark when you have the sample you want

    note: you cannot really edit the preset... you must make your changes and save it as the same name in order to change it. (it will automatically update in your user's preset folder and only the new one will exist)

    in order to remove a preset completely you need to go to your user preset folder (under the tool menu) and delete it.
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    First ... I wish all a Happy New Year 2011.

    Thank you for the answer. A very simple solution.

    Greetings Jürgen

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