Hello all:

For this challenge the goal is to get a better handle of ArtRage 6's new custom brush and its texture, grain, and blending painterly effects.

The idea is to create, using just the custom brush tool, a wet-in-wet looking oil-painterly version (i.e. simulating Alla Prima) of the mug used as a reference in the following video:


The reference is best seen at 3:34 and 4:49.

So to recap...

Challenge: Make your version of the mug in the video using the AR6 custom brush tool ... as much as you can, make it look like it was painted naturally with real oil paint.

[Unlike the previous challenge with the pear (https://forums.artrage.com/showthrea...ght=alla+prima) I have not painted my version yet... but I do hope someone gets the itch and posts something before I do...]