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Thread: Bus sketch'es

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    So good to see you are well DA!
    Yes, time passes and things change for us all. Life happens…

    I wholeheartedly second what June has just said.
    Your regular encouraging and insightful critiques will be missed around here for sure.
    So though it maybe with less frequency I will continue to look forward to seeing the occasional posts from you for a while yet.

    And June, so glad to hear you have fully recovered.
    Strokes can be very random as to who suffers one and give no warning. It was a severe one sadly that did for my Farther a few years ago now.
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    Hi DÁkey I'm very sad not being able to see your reviews anymore,
    over the years that I'm in this forum you have been an encouraging and true person.
    I like you a lot. I hope this break isn't as long, hopefully.
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    Hi Eighty I was apprehensive to hear about your stay at the Hospital.
    I hope you're recovering well. I would like to talk to you more but my English is bad.
    You're in my heart.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Enug View Post
    I quite understand dear DA - I'm relieved to know you are relatively OK - I feared you also might have been hit by the dreaded lurgy! You were the main reason I posted as I always looked forward to your critiques. The forum has changed even in the few years I have been a member. It's sad - most posts now are asking for tech help which is good and Mark is always quick with answers.

    Mr Ploos is sadly missed also but I think hospitalisation and age have got the better of him. I hope he continues to 'lurk' even if we don't hear from him. You too - keep lurking.

    Thanks for putting us in the picture so to speak.

    I, unfortunately, suffered a stroke on Father's Day - full recovery but it is a wake-up call. No predisposing factors except maybe age. So.........if I seem to drop off the face of the earth, there might be a reason.

    Nice knowing you and God Bless!
    Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry to hear about the stroke. You're in my good thoughts and prayers for a thorough and complete recovery and good health from now on are with you. Much more painting ahead as it should keep the mind active and the skills sharp. It may even be better for wellness than Archery!

    Go for the bull's eye, June!

    - DA
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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