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    I'm new to ArtRage and have a question... not sure if it's simple or not.
    ~ So I painted out and exported my first painting. The export was nice, good, etc, etc. but now that I open up AR again, my background is the transparent layer background. I'd rather not work on the transparent background but I have no idea how to get a white paper background again. Any suggestions?

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    If you import an image, rather than opening an ArtRage Painting, it's imported with a transparent background. This is for compatibility with other applications due to the way that the canvas works in ArtRage.

    Because the canvas is a 'virtual layer', just open the canvas settings panel (Ctrl - Shift - C by default) and set the opacity to 100%, that will restore a canvas behind the image.

    However, you shouldn't save your paintings by exporting - Always save a PTG file out and work with that, export copies if you need to get it to another application. If you work by importing a non PTG you lose all of the paint data such as thickness on the canvas, wetness, and how it interacts with the paper grain every time you import to work on it.
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