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Thread: Mobile Art Show with SuziQ

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    Mobile Art Show with SuziQ

    our friend and forum member Susan Murtaugh as curator of the Mobile Art show in Vegas this December. Yes, this one was sponspored by Autodesk... but this is great for art and digital artists and ultimately artrage as well.

    and also an in depth interview with Susan here:
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    Whoah ! so cool Congrats, Suzy ! You've made my day ! This makes people appreciate digital art and in a nice way too. I'll have a smile for the rest of the day now......
    Just say: "Rage It", because we already know it's art.

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    This is a fabulous thing that you did for promoting digital art Suzi! - what a great talent you are, you are

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    Thank you

    Oh my Artrage friends, thanks for checking out the videos. You all know me well enough that my 2 favorite pieces of software are Artrage and SketchBook Pro and now to have them both on iPad is just tremendous. I still hope the guys will consider an iphone version of AR too. AND trust me while in Vegas I did tell folks about AR as well. This was a fabulous experience for me and the 9 other artists. I hope it happens again soon.
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