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Thread: 2010 Retrospective - Expires on 31/12/2010

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    2010 Retrospective - Expires on 31/12/2010

    2010 Retrospective - Expires on 31/12/2010

    I'll start by posting Bouguereau's fantastic copy made by the great artist Caesar. Now it's your turn.
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    Great idea, Lima, and a super choice. Nice work Caesar, old friend.

    Caesar is an institution round here and deservedly so. I'll go another way and point at a very recent addition to the forum, both as a member and an art contributor. Alberto Camara joined only a few days ago, but I love this piece already.
    Nick Harris Artwork

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    Dear Oriane and Nick, too honour for the self-taught amateur I am in Your choice and comment, respectively! Thank You, although I feel a little uneasy under this sort of glory beam ...
    I share Your view, dear Nick, considering Alberto Camara as the most impressive and promising new entry of these days also in consideration of a genre, comics/conceptual/fantasy painting, I love.
    I didn't make a selection this far, but I think I'll soon look for one, excluding Your works with Your blessing, dear friends and masters, who would deserve it for sure and in too many cases, but just to widen the artistic landscape ...

    No, OK, there would be a hundred case deserving it, but I did one excluding my closest friends in here, for three reasons:
    1. first, to avoid any conflict of interests or affection driven suspect;
    2. second, he was very active and has got both talent and developped skills he generously shared;
    3. third, there should always be a flemish/ dutch cited as a great master, as a consequence of their major contribution to art history.
    I chose therefore Briex and one of his most tasty work reminding a famous Van (not a car though).
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    So many to choose from...I would add this painting by UpNorth that has left an indelible impression upon me and is quite a visual delight to behold.

    and some other favorites here if the link permits:

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