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Thread: Personal preset Set disappearing

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    Personal preset Set disappearing

    Hi, I made a set of presets for Watercolor brushes.
    When I activate them in the presets panel they are there.
    After working and clearing the window, using right click or the enter key, sometimes they are replaced by the default presets.
    This happens since I updated to ArtRage Pro verion 3.0.8
    Has anyone experienced this too and is there a workaround or solution?
    Thanks in advance,


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    When you say they disappear, do you mean they are getting completely removed, and you then have to recreate them, or does the group they're in get swapped to the default group set?

    I've been having circumstances where I'll switch to a new tool for a moment, and when I come back the presets group will have gone back to it's default. I believe it occurs after a change has been made to the settings. For example, I have a Preset group called My Presets for the Oil Brush Tool. If I select the Bristle Square preset from this Group, change the Thinner setting for it slightly, and then switch to the Palette Knife and come back to the Oil Brush again, the Preset Group will have switched back to the Oil Brush Group in the Presets list (even though my brush will still be set up to use my Bristle Square preset, in my My Presets group.

    I haven't had a preset I've made completely vanish on me though.
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    We're going to look in to making the presets panel persist which group it was in to help avoid confusion and make the workflow easier. If the presets are actually missing from any group in the presets panel that would imply that their files have somehow been deleted, could you let me know if this is the case and I'll check in to that.
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    Own Preset groups

    Hi, the Personal Preset Group does not disappear completely but is switched back to the default presets.
    I think what you described is exactly what I experienced.
    It would be nice if a preset group that was selected during a session would stick to the tool, no matter which other tool was selected after it.


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