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Thread: New "art Dad". Need help. ( Tablet suggestion )

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    New "art Dad". Need help. ( Tablet suggestion )

    I apologize for not performing a more thorough search of your forum as I am sure my question has been answered in some form or another; but I opt for lazy at times.

    My kid is jonesin for some art software, of course she only let me know this last night, so now I am rushing to get something nice. Artrage seems to be my first choice, because, honestly it is; a) inexpensive and b) the artists can create with it and it looks darn good.

    As this will be her first PC based canvas I will need a tablet (Bamboo). I am looking to get her started, but I know she will love it so I don’t want to buy a tablet/Bamboo that will be “outgrown” (for lack of better description) in a short time frame. I throw Bamboo in here, b/c quite simply, Bamboo returns more and more upon quick Google searches

    Suggestions are not only welcomed, but needed. I am in over my head!


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    Well, being an avid ArtRage user, I suppose my response might be a bit bias, but I think you're on the right track. ArtRage is a great program for anyone, of any age, looking to explore the creation of art on a computer. If you're interested in which version of ArtRage to buy, your biggest questions should be:
    1 - How well does she take to using computer programs?

    2 - What kind of art is she interested in creating?
    As easy as ArtRage Studio is to use, and regardless of the extra features it has to offer, it may be in your best interest to purchase ArtRage 2.6. I say this, because ArtRage 2.6 has to be the easiest to use art program that I've ever come across, and is just perfect for people who simply want to pick up a tool and get to work. However, if she's good with computers, or you believe she'll be sticking with it for the long run, you might be interested in the Studio or Studio Pro versions, which offer extra tools and features that may benefit her style of art. Notable features to consider are things like the Watercolor brush (in both studio versions), Sticker Spray tool (go PRO if you think she'd like to make her own stickers), Fill Tool (both studios), and the Selection Tool (both Studios). Also, here is another thread, where I answered a question similar to this discussion.

    For tablets, I haven't used very many. I currently use a 4 x 5 Wacom Graphire 4, which is very similar to the Bamboo Fun, and I have been very happy with it. The only real suggestion I'll make here, is that you be sure it has both a pen point and an eraser nub end. Having to switch tools just to use an eraser can get a bit old.
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    AR is great for people learning and those who just want to dive right in. My 8-9 year old niece can use it pretty well.

    Bamboo is the tablet I use. I have the pen and touch version, but I rarely use the touch function. It runs about 100 bucks but you can sometimes find a sale.

    I picked up a Pen version for a present that was pretty good about 50 dollars on , but that was during the Black Friday / Blue Monday sales. Normally it runs about 70 bucks

    Bamboo / AR is a great starting set. It's very price effective and doesn't take up a huge amount of work space. I would probably die if it broke. I love them both and wouldn't trade them for anything.

    I haven't picked up a real canvas and paints since I got this program and tablet, to be honest. It imitates the real stuff really well. I used to use Photoshop and things like that, but they were expensive and lacking the thing I wanted most in a digital art set, and that was tools that behaved more like the real thing.

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    Thanks for the replies folks.

    Purchased a Bamboo Pen and Touch; picking it up today. Will likely d/l and purchase AR (Pro) sometime over the weekend or next week; at only $80, why wouldn't I, right.

    Anyway, thanks again. And assuming I do not have any issues loading and installing software/tablet it is not likely I will lurk here, so, you guys/gals have a Merry Christmas!

    ETA: I have perused the various galleries during my visits to your forum; very impressive! You guys/gals are incredibly talented and have my envy in your hip pockets.

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