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    Hi all,

    OK Vapsman88 has done his MAGIC and gotten the magazine working and finished and it is HOT OFF THE PRESS waiting for you.

    Please give John a BIG thank you for all his hard work and effort to get this issue out to you. It was a tough one for us both but he really made it all happen for you.

    Also note: We have it in A BOOK format/ flipping pages with
    real page turning sound. (ON YUDU)
    Both here:

    ON YUDU, search for bobbyray or Artragus and wala
    read online or download to read offline ( nothing else needed).
    Simply open the issue to read oline and look left top menu: options/download

    Sorry folks,

    The new Openoffice 3 has totally corrupted the file documents x3. All of them and it is unrecoverable. I will have to redo the entire magazine. It may take a while.

    I have had many techs working on it all day and evening to get it to you tonite but to no avail. Well so is modern technology.

    I recommend that you do not use or update to Openoffice 3 as it has a serious problem and bugs.

    Although everything looks good and it converts it to a pdf, adobe reader can not read it.

    Sorry again folks, I will get it redone as soon as possible.
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    Sorry Bobby, it's inevitable. Our moral support and best wishes are always with your team in getting over such hiccups. Best of Luck!
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    Sorry to hear about your technical difficulties, Bobby. Living with pc's on a daily basis, I've experienced any number of such happenings over the years. To say it's frustrating and infuriating is to understate the scenario.

    I wish you as quick and pain free a recovery from this digital ailment as is possible.
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