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Thread: More brushes, better blending

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    More brushes, better blending

    As a professional artist I LOVE ArtRage and would like to be able to use it to create digital prints, but there are a few big limitations.
    1. First, you can't currently blend oils as you would with a dry brush. The palette knife is okay but I would like to be able to toggle from a loaded brush to a dry realistic blending brush.
    2. There aren't enough brush types. I use a fan brush a lot. I would appreciate a rounded fan brush and a flat fan brush, rounded and flat brushes and big "house painting" brushes. I'd rather have a whole brush library than be able to adjust one brush.
    3. The palette knife only works dry. Real artists load their palette knives with paint. I would appreciate that feature on ArtRage.
    4. The paint always looks "wet". I would like a feature that gives the look of dry but still textured oil paint.
    Of these the lack pf blending brushes and brush types are the most important and the onesthat really keep ArtRage from feeling complete and perfect to me.

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    I agree with Cafenitro.
    I also really want these features..
    I want a better palette knife that leaves it's strokes more strongly like the paint lines pushing out of the canvas.

    Also more varities of oil brushes please..!

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    I concur on all the points.

    Also I would like to see

    • More precise cursor display for size scaling (the circle disappears when you go down too much in size; both Painter and Photoshop have solved this)
    • Tablet pressure support for opacity on ALL tools

    Artrage would be really great with these additions.

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    I love ArtRage... I don't even fire up Painter anymore... But the one place that Painter is better at is blending...

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