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    Hi, everyone. I've been using the oil tools almost exclusively for about six months and have never really touched the thinner setting, always leaving it at about 33%. I'd like to start using it, though.

    Initial experiments have been kind of hard for me to gauge... It looks like adding more thinner has some confusing effects. If the brush is heavily loaded, it seems to increase how readily the colors blend. If the brush isn't heavily loaded but has lots of thinner, it seems to do the opposite, leaving a thin transparent coat that doesn't blend at all.

    I'm trying to figure out how to use this aspect of the oil tool to help increase my understanding of painting in ArtRage. I have no experience with real oils, also.

    Thanks for any explanations or help!

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    Basically, thinners reduce the density of the pigment in the medium, so it becomes more liquid and less actual pigment is placed on the canvas. At low thinners, bristle marks will tend to be more obvious as the paint is thicker, denser pigment means more solid volume. At high thinners, the paint becomes translucent, and bristlemarks disappear.

    Regarding blending: High loading puts lots of paint on your brush. If there's lots of pigment in that you can smear it more readily, if there isn't, you can't. If you have a high amount of thinners, then there will be less pigment as the paint is dilute and the paint will 'dry' more quickly therefore not blend as easily.
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    I'm not sure if this will help, but I've recently posted some tips I use with the Oil Brush in this thread: I've posted some presets there and some other links, as well.
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