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Thread: really frustrating cursor display

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    really frustrating cursor display

    EDIT: Blarg it wont let me post links to the imgs. I've attached them and left in the URLs >__<

    there is one thing that I've been finding really frustrating while using AR so far.
    I really don't like how when drawing a stroke with any tool the stroke isn't extended right to the cursor, there is a sort of "dead zone" and the hidden mark just pops into view when you stop drawing.
    Its not so much of an issue for big mark making but when you get down into fiddly detail its very frustrating.


    See how massive that gap is!?
    I understand that its got something to do with how AR adds an "end mark" to the stroke when its finished but I'd rather have the paint go right up to the cursor and then have it become an end stroke when i lift the pen/release the mouse button.

    This is how it should look, you know exactly what you are getting

    What you see is what you get. Right now you have to sort of project the stroke in your mind to anticipate where its going to go.
    I think its with precise tools like the pen and pencil that this becomes a real issue.


    How is that a precise cursor? lol
    In that img the stroke has gone right to the close? I wont know till i let go and it pops into view.

    This is more like it


    Where I see a mark is where there will be a mark.

    I find this issue really impacts on the overall feel of painting AR. its hard to exactly put it into words.. it feel like my img is lagging behind my actions, and if i am making small touch up marks, say a few millimeters long, then I can't actually see them as I draw lol.

    Also while on the subject I'd love for the brush preview to actually give you a preview of the brush head. not critical but a really nice feature for previewing what mark you're going to make.


    and also for it to be a much MUCH more subtle preview, not a massive big bevel on the screen :P
    I mean its just an indicator, not a tool in its self.
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