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Thread: AR-Pro Chat - Live - Wet and Dry - Monday December 13th - 2.30pm GMT London

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    AR-Pro Chat - Live - Wet and Dry - Monday December 13th - 2.30pm GMT London

    Tuesdy December 14th at 2pm GMT (UK) - which equals 3pm in France and 9am or so in the US and Canada -
    The very talented and lovely Cris Delara will be chatting about fantasy art, and in particular Pin-Ups, while she works her digital magic on screen, at It'sArt Live. Recently this has included characters such as Hulk and God of War - so don't be fooled into thinking it's only female frippery on offer.

    Click banner to go there - but not a lot will be going on there until the scheduled time.
    or use this link - [link]

    The third live session of ArtRage based content goes out Monday December 13th at 2.30pm GMT (UK).
    Jon Hodgson begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting, Gaeton Laprade. (well known in the Ambient forum for his outstanding explanations as Someonesane) and myself will be comparing notes on how we use the various Wet and Dry media tools in ArtRage, while working live on screen. You can lob your own questions and comments in using the text messaging service provided on the page.
    Or you can post them in advance to this forum thread - [link]
    You need to register free with It' and log in to be able to do so.

    I'm currently using a combo of wet and dry tools on this image so this is the sort of thing we are likely to be talking about.

    It's still a young project, but gathering momentum fast.
    Many thanks to Patrice Leymarie, the man behind It'sArt, without whose tireless efforts none of this would be possible.
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