The iPad version is a great sketch book option. ArtRage is late to iOS so I hope it doesn't suffer because Brushes etc got all the early good press and a lot of people have fallen in love with Sketchbook Pro. I think ArtRage is way better. For the first time there is a true natural media app with decent watercolor (which I hope gets developed even more - it is a real differentiator from the rest)

Sadly those other lesser drawing and painting apps do have a great strength - they have simpler iPhone versions which means a similar interface and experience when the iPhone is the only device with one.

The dream app: a simpler Art Rage app for the iPhone but which can export art between iPad and iPhone wirelessly. Do thumbnails on a walk then move them to the iPad for scaling up and development. Of course that opens another possibility: an option for the iPhone version to display palettes as a slave to the iPad app, getting the palettes off the iPad screen giving full screen iPad painting and drawing while still having tools instantly available.

It would be brilliant.