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Thread: Visual Meeting Minutes (as a work of art using ArtRage)

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    Visual Meeting Minutes (as a work of art using ArtRage)

    I have observed during my career that, in a business setting, work done in a project typically occurs via a series of meetings. A meeting provides a forum for collaboration of project team members.

    Usually a summary of the meeting are caputured in text form as meeting minutes.

    These days the volume of email has increased tremendously and meeting minutes (discussion summary) is a "non-picture" that is overly complex, not well understood and causes disconnects between team members as at the "speed of business."

    Although I am a novice user of ArtRage, I am toying with the idea of capturing meeting minutes as a "work of art." While I don't completely know what this means, I welcome any ideas so that the discovery of "what is an artistic version of meeting minutes" can be an emergent process. Then a "picture will really be worth a 1000 words."

    Thanks for any sharing.


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    there is an artrager who does precisely that... he is called a visual facilitator. He uses artrage and is hired to sum up presentations and meetings in a visual form. His work can be found on flickr artrage group where you can see some examples of his visual facilitation or you could just head over to his web blog:

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