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Thread: Joined an art class.. picture and movie!

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    Joined an art class.. picture and movie!

    Hi All! I'm one of those that LOVE artrage and that now finally have used it as if it was the real deal in an art class. It was fun and I also made a small movie about it..

    I can't post any pictures here yet as I'm too new so please go to my site, rytterfalk and add. com and see my painting AND a short movie made when I created my thing!

    or go to youtube and search for "using ArtRage on iPad"

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    Hi Carl, love the artistic movie and beautiful colours and composition of your painting. If I had my arm twisted to say anything critical, it would only be that the movie was too short . Any film that features a cup of tea gets my thumbs up! Can't wait to see more of Your ArtRage/iPad work.

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    It's a small world, but I've followed your articles and have been inspired by your photography for years! I've always yearned for a DP1 - but for one reason or another, never taken the plunge to buy one. Maybe next year, after saving up for an iPad
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