We are happy to announce that ArtRage for iPad 1.0.4 has been released. This free update for current users is available via the iTunes store and includes:

New to 1.0.4:

  1. Support for printing from iOS4.2.
  2. Support for iOS4.2 Multitasking: ArtRage will now park itself in the background when switched away from, and return when re-launched. The splash screen may appear briefly while the interface reconstructs.

Items added in 1.0.3:

  1. Quick access color sampling via a tool toggle.
  2. User definable canvas sizing when creating new files (1440 x 1440 max).
  3. Zoom level indicating during zooming.
  4. Background color customisation.
  5. Feedback improvements on a number of user interface items including current active preset highlights.
  6. Significant enhancements to the stability of the product and memory handling.
  7. Improvements to Multitouch gesture handling after Save & Continue, fixing a problem that prevented gestures happening in certain areas of the screen.
  8. Corrected a problem that could cause crashes when using the Tint/Tone picker.
  9. Fixed a problem that could cause the name of a painting to change after editing canvas settings.