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Thread: Suggestion for Jagged Lines?

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    Question Suggestion for Jagged Lines?

    Hello! Im new to the ArtRage world and really enjoy the program.

    My question is this, I am working off of art that is in ps format, Im using the blucket tool to quickly put in the base colors, however you can see a bit of jaggies along the lines leaving white spaces, below is an example. Does anyone have any suggestions for this or do I have to hand color in the white between the lines and the color?

    Thank you!
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    If I'm right, you're using ArtRage 3
    I have two ways of solving this
    1) You can try drawing with Ink Pen with option "Antialias Edge" set to "Off" and a Fill Tool with a same option
    The picture will look "jaggy", but with no white lines, aтв when you save it in smaller size, those edges should smooth
    2) You can use to layers separately: 1st for line-art and 2nd for color
    Draw a line-art in the way you like on 1st (this layer should also be on top), then fill colors with a "Single Layer" Off on 2nd. The white lines will remain, but you will be able to use Ink Pen to quickly fill them

    Hope this helps

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    The reason you're seeing a border is that the fill tool spreads outwards until it hits a different colour. As the ink stroke is antialiased, its edge uses pixels of varying transparency to create a smoother look, as does the edge of an antialiased area of fill. So when the ink line borders the fill area you get this border.

    To give you the smoothest fill, I'd recommend the following:

    1/ Create a new layer over the linework.
    2/ Set this layer's blend mode to 'tint' or 'multiply'
    2/ Set the fill tool 'single layer' off, 'antialias edge' off, 'spread' 100%

    If you then use the fill tool on this layer, you should get a smooth result without a border between the outline and the filled colour.
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