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Thread: losing menubar when zooming

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    losing menubar when zooming

    When zooming in and out of the picture, the menu bar at the bottom suddenly disappears. I haven't yet found a way to bring it back again other than restarting the app. This is pretty bad because losing the bar also means losing the possibility to undo the last steps.
    When restarting the app, it will open the last picture but without the possibility to make the last steps undone.

    The only way to prevent the app from losing the menubar is to reboot the iPad from time to time. So it seems to be a RAM managing matter.

    By the way: is it possible to still optimize the zooming option, so it would become a little smoother... or have you already pushed it to the edge of the iPads technical limitations?

    I very much appreciate, that you put so many features into the iPad version of artrage and I completely understand if the iPad is just not able to handle all that stuff smoothly.

    thanks a lot for constantly improving the app!

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    There's a gesture shortcut to hide the menubar - three-finger-tap on the canvas. Try that. It may be you're accidentally doing a three-finger-tap when you zoom the canvas.
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    Wow! Thank you so much Andyrage! I never thought about that possibility... yes, the 3 finger tap really is the origin and the solution to my problem.

    Thanks for the hint!

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