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Thread: Stencil Suggestion

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    Lightbulb Stencil Suggestion

    It seems as though a lot of Photoshop brushes are intended for applying textures to paintings, but recently I’ve come to appreciate the power of ArtRage stencils in producing these effects.

    They allow us to create not just textures, but dry-brushing, scumbling effects and to mimic the behaviour of paint 'breaking' at the end of strokes. The best thing is this can be applied to any of the ArtRage tools (rather than just the sticker spray), so we can take advantage of all their individual characteristics.

    The only problem with this approach is the visibility of the stencil – typically a texture used for stencilling is complex, and will obscure whatever we’re painting. It’s particularly difficult to see when trying for subtle paint effects. The only way to see clearly what we’re painting is by repeatedly showing/hiding the stencil between each stroke. It would be much nicer to see live strokes on the canvas without them being confused by the stencil.

    I’d like to suggest that we have the option to adjust the visibility of the stencil, without affecting its functionality. We could have a checkmark option in the dropdown stencil menu setting Visibility to on/off, or perhaps have 'Invisible' as a new stencil Mode. Brush strokes would be applied to the canvas in exactly the same way as they currently are – our view of the application of these strokes would simply be clearer.

    This doesn’t sound as if it would be too big a stretch to implement, as it doesn’t require changes to the functionality of the stencil – it only affects the user experience.

    I think this would genuinely make this tool even more powerful, and allow for freer creativity by the users, so I hope you’ll please give it some consideration.

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    There have a been a few members (myself included), who have suggested options for this before. Personally, I'd like the option to change the stencils opacity. Perhaps by having a small dial for the active stencils in the stencil panel, which could be adjusted in the same manner as a layers opacity can be changed (see attached image).

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    Let me add a vote for this one. I use stencils combined with selections to produce a lot of effects. An opacity dial would simplify that considerably.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Someonesane View Post
    Personally, I'd like the option to change the stencils opacity. Perhaps by having a small dial...
    This sounds like a more elegant solution than my suggestion. Any method to reduce visibility of the stencil while retaining its functionality would make me very happy.

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    I was thinking of suggesting this a while. And pretty useful one it is (not just for texturing but anything involving stencils as the mask color often hide run outs too, especially with airbrush strokes), count me in.

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    I'll add my vote.
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