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Thread: A Little Help Please

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    A Little Help Please

    I've just started using Art Rage and am impressed by the artwork that can be created using this package.

    What's the best way to go about doing a semi-realistic beach and sea scene. What I'd like to produce is a beach with the lapping up onto it. If anyone can help, I'd be most grateful.

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    I'm afraid you may not get much response to this. Your question is a little like asking how to draw - it is a broad question and would vary based on each person's skillset, their idea of what a beach should look like, what syles of painting they like, etc.

    I personally found books at both my local bookstore (a large chain, actually) and on which were about painting seashores, water, and rivers. Although the tools are different, many of the concepts transfer well.

    Best wishes,

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