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Thread: ArtRage using the Move controller?

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    ArtRage using the Move controller?

    I was wondering what people think of being able to use the Playstation 3 Move controller for input as in the video below - it shows the upcoming PS3 title Beat Sketcher. This is a combination art and music application.

    It would be great if ArtRage were available on the PS3 - I'd pay the full price again for the possibility of using the Move controller to paint on my 58" HD TV with full strokes as shown in the video. Imagine using two controllers for additional functionality.

    The Move controller already has an early Windows driver which soon could be usable. When this is ready I'll hook up my computer to the TV to see how ArtRage feels. Of course, pressure sensitivity wouldn't likely be available unless Ambient Design could allow for HID (human interface device) devices to map an analog switch like the Move's trigger to pressure. This should be relatively trivial to do if the driver is just a standard HID driver (speaking as a developer myself).


    Beat Sketcher

    Move driver development
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    That's pretty cool. And hey it may definitely be the future. Look at this art piece made with Beat Sketcher.

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    I purchased this app and I have to say that the controller has lots of potential, but this particular app could be significantly improved. The main change I would make is in switching between drawing and choosing from the tool palette. As it is, you press a button to display the palette - while this is showing, you can't draw/paint.

    If I was designing an art app, I would have it use two controllers - one to track the position of the palette and one for the position of the tool being used. An alternative with only one controller would be to allow positioning of the tool palette anywhere on screen. It should be possible to draw/paint anywhere on the canvas is not occluded by the palette, which could be moved wherever desired. With two controllers, you would then have pretty much what you have when painting in the real world - palette in one hand, tool in the other. Remember that both of these could be fully rotated in 3D and not just moved in the plane of the canvas.

    The other thing that bothers me about Beat Sketcher is that the arm movement involved is too great - this is due to the fact that the palette, when it appears, is positioned in the center of the screen and you might be currently drawing/painting somewhere near the edges when you need to change color or tools.

    Still, lots of promise here - I hope that some company really takes the initiative to make an art application as opposed to what Beat Sketcher actually is - a lightweight application that straddles art and ambient music creation but that doesn't go nowhere near as far as it could in implementation. What can you expect for ten bucks though?

    A word of advice for anyone considering getting this - if you have a large TV (mine is 58"), the arm travel/body movement needed here is a bit much for small kids (under 8 or so).

    So Ambient, when can we expect a PS3 version of ArtRage? I'll be glad for even a very much cut down version coming from you guys!

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