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Thread: a problem related to importing picture!

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    Red face a problem related to importing picture!

    I am starting to experience the Artrage 3.06 version. The new version is really awesome, but I found that the imported images will be lightened. I have tried to import different image's format, but every type of image were brighter than original one. I am wandering if there are any configurations can solve that kind of problems?

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    Press F5 on your keyboard will turn off the lighting. However paint thickness and canvas textures will disappear as well.

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    It may also relate to the gamma of the original image. If the original has been colour managed by another package (such as Photoshop) or is being displayed in a package that does gamma correction the pixel colours in the image may not match the result you see in that app (the colour is post-processed on the fly). ArtRage imports the value directly.

    Could you send a sample of an image that shows this problem to and we'll take a look at it.
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