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Thread: autosave required for autistic user

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    autosave required for autistic user

    We have 8 copies of artrage studio pro 3, running in our community centre. We are a not for profit and love promoting digital art in the community.

    One of our users is a 19 year old autistic girl who comes in several times every week with her carer.

    She uses our 21" cintiq and creates some amazing stuff on artrage. Unfortunately a high proportion of her artwork is lost as she will constantly close her document before saving. We have tried teaching her to save before closing but it is quite a complex task for her and she can be a bit impatient at times.

    So her carer ends up having to stand right behind her ready to 'pounce' to stop this occurring. It is a bit of a drama as part of the mission is to commercialise her artwork to provide her an income.

    A regular autosave would be an obvious solution. Another helpful addition to the program would be a big save icon which put time and date stamped files into a set location.

    At the moment the only workaround we can think of is some sort of screen grabbing program running alongside artrage but this will also capture screen widgets...

    Are the artrage programmers working on autosave??? Any suggestions from anyone???

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    If it doesn't get implemented,
    this,found with google,might work


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    Autosave is a tricky feature for an app that handles as much raw data as ArtRage. Saving without interrupting workflow when there is a lot of pixel data to be saved each time can be difficult. We have looked in to it however and we have some potential ideas that may let us implement a system like this in the future, but I'm not sure when that might be.

    Thanks for bringing this up though, I can see the use of such a system in your environment and we may be able to do something to alleviate the problem even if autosave isn't included immediately.
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    I work for the original poster, posting from home on the weekend...

    Thanks for the tip hakkoo but the 'autosave' program you have linked to looks like a backup program not an autosave program...

    Mattrage thanks for explaining the issue. I would love to hear any suggestions you have which could help us while you sort out your long term strategy.

    I'm not sure if there would be any demand for an auto-export...which would be less data intensive. That would work for us since these are single layer pictures we are talking about (although our client does like to change background colour).

    Since posting we have set up one of our Cintiq buttons to trigger 'Save As'. This might help a bit but it is too soon to say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gravy View Post
    Since posting we have set up one of our Cintiq buttons to trigger 'Save As'. This might help a bit but it is too soon to say.
    Ah, I was about to mention that you could set a keyboard key as a shortcut in ArtRage Studio or Studio Pro that could be used to "Save", "Save As" and "Export Image File", but it seems you've already got a fix for that. Should you decide to try it anyhow, you'll find the options for the Save, Save As, and Export Image File under the File Commands group on the Shortcut Panel (Edit > Set Keyboard Shortcuts).
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