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Thread: Fishing - Just a Dream!

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    A truly peaceful setting.. Fine job Jasmine.
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    Thanks to everyone of you for kind comments. You all are the inspiration that keep me on painting, thanks again.

    Caesar - "but I guess husbands may be useful to feel warmer", you are too much dear Caesar, we have been married so long that we get into the habit of "like a little room" for oneself, ok?

    AT-TA - Water lillies are quite big in Thailand but smaller than lotus. But those water lillies can not tolerate cold seasons and I find them there more colorful too. Being here over 3 quaters of my life doesn't render the "used to" feeling in winter but I am quite thankful that I am not in Nebraska or deep north, could be older age too that makes me more sensitive to the cold. Agree with you that snow scenes are beautiful (as long as I look from a warm place.)

    Thanks to all again.

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