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Thread: Posting to Gallery with iPad

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    Posting to Gallery with iPad

    Hi, just trying to figure out how to upload from art rage or photos. I saved a jpg to Photos, but the Manage Upload page shows a grey area for choosing a file and I don't know how to post from a URL . Help, i'd love to share.

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    There's currently no way to send directly from the iPad to our galleries, but if you are looking to include an image in a forum post using a URL that can be done using the 'Insert Image' button (the one that looks like a mountain, left of the speech bubble just above the text entry when you're writing the post). When you click that button you should be given the chance to enter a URL for the image to include.

    We have updated your account to allow you to post URLs, this is normally something that happens automatically after a while of posting on the forums.

    Getting your images off the iPad from ArtRage to host online is probably easiest done either via copying the original PTG from the iTunes shared file space and using the desktop version, or emailing the image to yourself.

    We're looking at ways we can make this process easier for a future update.
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