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Thread: Background window color

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    Background window color

    I often use a dark background for my images in artrage, and i often zoom out to check this or that, and my problem is that it really kills my eyes because i work in fullscreen with a black background and them zoom out to check stuff or draw long lines accross the picture.... and artrage's GUI is as white as can be, it's like getting a flashlight right in the eyes every minutes...
    So my suggestion would be to just let the user choose the color of the background window, or just automatically use the color of the paper, with a little outline to see the limits of the canvas... I think it would be nice ^^
    I hope you see what i mean...

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    Choose a colour from the colour picker, then <alt><click> in the background area. Kazamo-blooey! Your wish is magically fulfilled.

    I have a sort of purply-fuscia thing going on behind my canvas.
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    Amen !

    I really didn't know this oO
    Is it in the manual??

    Thanks Andy, now i can see again !

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    hi i found that when i want a background colour i pick the colour i want the with the eye dropper i just click and that works
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    no i think it isn't....

    my suggestion now would be that the interface also get this color (maybe a little bit brighter)! or somekind of a new vista aero like interface with transparency!



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    Hmmm.... it was supposed to be in the manual somewhere.
    Guess we've been adding features faster than we've been updating the manual.
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    Problem with accidentally changing background color

    I find that I am constantly accidentally changing the background color when working close to the edge of the canvas. It requires too much precision to avoid hitting the background when working quickly.
    Potential solution:
    Use a right click pop up menu on the background to change its color, with a pop up menu option: change background to current color.

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    Knowing what you want to do and not finding out how to...

    LOL nice to see I'm not the only one requesting features that already exist

    You also have the background color in: edit -> preferences -> interface
    Or perhaps this was added post 2006?
    Was the alt-klick removed? Can't get it to work after setting the bkgr color through prefs.

    However, this might be a bit of a problem in itself...
    You now what you want to do but can't find the command or think of how to do it.
    Naturally, a lot of commands are hidden and you need to have "knowledge in the head" to find it.
    The best way right now is searching the help pdf with ctrl-f.
    But maybe with added complexity a "command finder" or "index/search" function
    is the next step? The problem with the PDF and the forum is that you need to
    search different areas and read a lot of text only to find out it's not what you
    was after. I know that would be a big job so... could the members help out with an
    official wiki?? Resources, tips and tricks and the official help?
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