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Thread: Total dummy needing help :)

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    Total dummy needing help :)

    Hello to all Forum buds... I am new to AR, just bought it yesterday I had saved so many of the Art supplies that people offered . I saved them, put the each file type in its own folder... I got alot of the brush presets.. ok heres the question..
    I know how to import a preset etc.. and know that the brush that the preset is for has to be selected on the tool bar on bottom left.. well I went to save one and it said that you dont have the tool selected. well there is no 'bristle' brush..and thats what the preset is for... so what am I missing?

    ok another thing.. I know that .prs file format is presets .stk is stickers
    stencils are usually .png or .jpg
    what kind of file is . cpr.. canvas presets???

    Thanks for those that help me

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    Hello Artsyatheart, and welcome to the ArtRage forums.

    Do you have, or can take, a screen shot of the message you received? Just in case the following bit doesn't help, it might be useful in figuring out the problem.

    The name of a preset won't always coincide with the particular tool it's supposed to be used with, because the names are determined by the user who has created it. For example, I could create a Palette Knife preset, and name it "Pencil Shading". So, were a person to see this preset out of context, they may think it's a preset meant to be used with the Pencil tool, rather then the Palette knife. As such, it's likely that your "bristle" preset was actually meant to be used with the Sticker Spray Tool, since (as you've noted) there is no default bristle tool in ArtRage, and the Sticker Spray is often used as a bitmap Brush maker. I should also mention, that if that particular .prs is actually meant to be used with the Sticker Spray, you may need a special user created Sticker Sheet to go along with it, or it might not work (but that's only if the person, who created it, used a Sticker Sheet that wasn't included with the program).

    The .cpr file is a special file, used to save Canvas settings and the Grains used for them. So, let's say I have an image that like to use as a paper grain, and some has asked me to share it. I could simply upload the image I used for the grain and let people fumble around with the setting until they get the same results I do, or I could create a special .cpr preset canvas file for it, which will save the Opacity, Metallic, Roughness, Grain Size, and Color, right along with it, so they never have to worry about it. If you haven't created any .cpr files yourself yet, but have downloaded some to try, you'll need to create a place for them. To do this, follow these steps:
    1 - Open ArtRage
    2 - Click on View > Canvas Settings
    3 - On the panel that opens (the Canvas panel), locate the Add Group button and click it.
    4 - Enter a name for you canvas group and click OK.
    With a group created you can now add the .crp files you have to it. To do this, follow these steps:
    1 - With the Canvas panel opened (follow steps 1 - 2 in the previous steps, if you've closed it) Select the group you are going to add the .cpr files to.
    2 - Click on the Import Preset button and browse your way to .cpr file on your computer and click on Open (it may say something different on Macs, but on PC's it's "Open") to import it.
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    Just to reiterate what Someonesane said: since there is not a bristle brush tool in the tools panel it is most likely a sticker spray.

    If it is an oil brush setting (not likely) it would go in the oil brush presets.
    If it is a sticker spray brush the preset should go in the sticker spray presets.

    If it got placed in the oil brush preset folder by mistake it would not show up
    in the sticker spray presets which is most likely where you would use it.

    a sticker spray preset may have a sticker already associated with the preset
    if not, then as SOS said, you will also need the sticker ( .stk file) to go with it.

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    Thanks to you two

    I will try your suggestions... will let you know if a lil light shines at the end of the tunnel..


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