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Thread: Do you feel guilty about not viewing others' work?

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    Do you feel guilty about not viewing others' work?

    I feel kinda bad that I rarely view people's work, and don't comment too much, and I wonder if that's something others feel?

    I'm very much a part-timer on this board, here for a few ideas and bug reports mainly, and rarely peruse the gallery. I've just been on now, and lots of the stuff there is so beautiful and innovative and fun - doesn't matter what you click on, there's normally something well worth seeing on the end.

    Now it seems to me as artists, in any medium, mostly we do something to bring others enjoyment. We live for the positive comments, and also the useful critiques to improve. The very worst thing for an artist AFAICS is to release your creation to the public and get ignored and no feedback. So I also want to look at peoples work and say something, but I don't spend much time doing this. And there are so many places to go too! All those YouTube vids, and the ArtRage gallery, and the DeviantArt works, and the Cakewalk user forums for music...I feel like lots of people get lost (me too!) and that makes me sad.

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    yes sometimes I do feel ...
    but as you wrote, there are alot of artworks and good vids that are posted a day
    and when you visit the forum after some days, its a hell of a job for replying on every artwork. so I don't think you have to feel quilty.
    the internet is growing daily en comes bigger and bigger that we have to quit our job if we want it see it all
    I have a waiting list of youtube chanels that I still have to watch, I hope I live long enough to view them all


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    Hey Shifty Geezer... I know how you feel. The internet is to vast to even comprehend seeing let alone commenting on all the artwork (any type) that is out there.

    I do feel the same as you and I agree that it is a bit sad when some artwork goes without comment or notice. 99% of my time online I am the silent lurker among forums and blogs and rarely even sign in. I have limited my commenting to just a few places (and even then it can become a bit overwhelming to stay on top of it).

    Places like this (AR Forum) are a rare entity on the internet! I feel comfortable posting and commenting here and it is refreshing to enjoy artwork from beginners to professionals (in every imaginable style) without all the drama and debates that can go on endlessly on other art forums. This place keeps it fun, friendly, inspirational, and even educational.

    If I see artwork and it moves me, or even makes me smile, I try to leave a comment (at least when I have the time).
    "The significance is hiding in the insignificant. Appreciate everything."
    Eckhart Tolle

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    This is an interesting subject. The attendance at the forum has grown a lot in these past months. The amount of paintings published quadrupled. It gets tricky to sit here and respond to many posts. Many wonderful posts. For example, you have a beautiful work of animation (which I still have not answered here on AR) posted on YouTube. Congratulations, a beautiful and magnificent animation. Professional. The comment is a reference point, a stimulus to the artist. In this sense however, receiving a compliment sometimes is just not enough. A comprehensive critique review of the work might be more interesting, but a critical analysis, with an artistic bias is not a simple thing to do, and subliminally, may not be well accepted. Anyway, this topic is a little tricky.

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    yes, I comment a lot and still feel guilty when I miss commenting. Eventually a new way of viewing and commenting would be great. More like deviant art would be nice. ideally it would have all new art added in little icon form... kind of like our gallery... but not everyone adds to their personal gallery. Sometimes i will just get swamped and make comments right from the user personal galleries because it is easier. Flickr is good too. You can make small comments and view each artist's individual stream (gallery.) Something eventually that will make it easier to keep up and have time to do art.

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    I have a very busy home life looking after my four children one of which is autistic and keeping up with countless meetings.
    So whenever I have to miss a few days it is a nightmare trying to catch up on the amount of artwork that gets posted.
    So I would say to you do not feel to bad and just comment whenever you can. Something is always better than not at all
    Treat Others as you wish to be treated

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    I'm glad not to be alone who feel little bit quilty
    as this night I wanted to reply to some post, not in the gallery, and if I look to the little clock in the left corner of my screen I'm more than 1,5 hour busy with reading and typing (I know I'm not fast) and can't permit me to do this on a daily base (there are also other forums where I'm active)
    I already spend too much time on the PC when I'm busy programming or working on photo's that I sometimes really need to force myself to go outside enjoying a bit of nature

    we have to stay healthy and find the balance.

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    I think a lot of people feel guilty about missing a post. I try to catch as many as I can where it feels right to do so.

    I give as much as I can and everyone here seems to return the favor when they can. We all have a good spot here on this little slice of the interwebs.

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    I agree with MagenSparks, You can only offer so much of your time to visit the forums. I try to read many posts, but, mostly in the Gallery I miss more than I see.

    Sad, yes, but if I read them all, I would not get to draw anymore.

    It's a matter of balancing the time available. Still I enjoy most of the posts I see. I like the friendly nature of this forum, and this community is what attracts me back in a few times a day... There are more specialized forums for me, but I don't have the time or the urge to visit them...
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    I took my retirement since the end of 2003 and I do have a little more time after 30 years of work. However, I am quite busy doing some translation and many other things and reading all the posts can be quite overwhelming.

    Having said that, I do appreciate people commenting and giving advice on my paintings very much, so I try to view the posts as much as possible, especially the ones that got zeros response.

    Many kind people here who have been encouraging so I am trying to do the same and also understand also when people don't post anything, we all have different stages of life.

    Cheers to you all!

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