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Thread: Should I buy Artrage?

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    I think you have engines in the right direction.
    "ArtRage" is a better choice. For such an advanced child prodigy, and for all members of your family.
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    Manga is certainly possible with this program. It may not be the most ideal, but for your situation, I would suggest Artrage over some of the other stuff mentioned. Your son is young and interested in manga right now, which is wonderful, but he may change his art style as he gets older. Kids get into middle school and high school and more art exposure and all other sorts of things change around them that have an affect on what kind of things they like.

    At that point he may wish to explore other types of art. Artrage can do that without spending extra money on tools or programs to "try" new things. Or (and I hope this never happens... ) he may grow out of art entirely and then you've spent a lot of money on a program that isn't going to be used. The digital tablets are useful in many ways so that is not such a bad buy, but spending money on a program isn't something I would do easily, unless he was asking for a specific program. Artrage could cover many aspects (school projects, ect.) and even be passed along to another person who may not be as interested in manga.

    AR is also a lot easier to grasp, like others have said. Someone young would be picking up the tools he's used to seeing in art class. My niece is 8 and loves to play with the artrage program everytime she visits.

    I'm not familiar with PS Elements but I am fairly familiar with GIMP it is free and has alot of options, it's also very similar to photoshop so things he'd learn with it could carry over. But there is a learning curve with GIMP and Photoshop. Sometimes impatience and learning can take the fire out of something new and interesting.

    He could use both programs. Many of us use several types of programs because we find one to be able to perform certain things better than the other.

    I'm still in the AR vote box, but GIMP is definitely something to explore. I would shy away from something manga/comic specific, unless he's done some research and asked for something in particular. I say this only because kids change their minds so easily.

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    Thanks everyone for your opinions, they have been helpful to me. I think I will go with Artrage for now and let him have some fun experimenting with it. It's true (and very probable) that he may change his style in the future, so I would like a program that allows him to do that. He is only 10 so he won't want to spend hours learning how to use a program, he'll just want to dive straight in and draw. It seems like this will do the job perfectly.

    Thanks again for all the replies.

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    there are allot of great drawing/painting programs to find on the net
    My pref and easy to work / learn with is Artrage
    another one that is not much notice on the forum is 'Artweaver'
    there is a free version like there is the demo version of Artrage
    I use it from time to time, it look's a bit like painter, but is not that big and much easier to learn/understand

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    Greetings from The Philippines!

    This thread helped me choose ArtRage over Manga Studio. I am just learning how to draw. Last night, I had purchased ArtRage. I am purely a newbie at drawing beyond electronic schematics.

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