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Thread: Stencil woes.

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    Stencil woes.

    Hi There , I am having a specific issue with Stenciling in ArtRage.

    I am working on a Piranha victim project, the Human figure consists of 3 layers, bone, muscle and skin. There will be massive bite wounds exposing underlying tissue.

    I want to use ArtRage's "Awesome" Stencil feature with my own Images, but the problem is that the results still have a certain percentage of Opacity/Transparency, you can see right through the skin, is there a way to use Stencils so that the result is free from transparency?
    Does it have something to do with "Blend or Stencil Modes?"

    I have provided an example with an old draft.

    a) First Picture: Is made of 2 layers: Skin & Bone, you can see in the layers panel that the selected Torso (Skin layer) has 100% Opacity yet you can still see right through her!

    The only way I could get around this was to:

    b) Second picture: Export each layer as PNG, then I start a new painting and import the PNG's into their own layers and the transparency is gone!

    Can I do this with-out having to resort to 'Exporting & Importing' to remove the transparency, it's far to tedious considering most my projects consist of dozens of separate elements. I want to use the stencils because I like the printed look & feel plus they are quite nice to work with.

    thanks for your time,
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    Thanks for the examples. It looks like you can see through the skin because you have painted transparent paint on to the layer. The layer is set to 100% opacity, but the paint on the layer is partially transparent which is why you can see through it. If you want to not be able to see through, you need to make sure that the paint you are applying is not transparent.

    If you are using stencils to create the paint on the layer, it looks like your stencil is not properly set up. Stencil opacity is directly related to the luminance value of the image you are using as a stencil. So, white is fully opaque, black is fully transparent. When you imported your image as a stencil, any areas that aren't pure white will be partially transparent.

    If you don't want to get media through parts of the stencil, then you need those parts to be white. If the colour is somewhere between white and black, a varying amount of media will get through depending on luminance ( more will get through the lower the luminance ), and you will get a partially transparent result. Page 90 of the manual explains how stencil transparency works.
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    maybe this can help, if your layer is to transparent >> duplicate that layer or tripple it


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