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Thread: World War II Propaganda (Captain America)

  1. World War II Propaganda (Captain America)

    This is based on a recent set of stills from the upcoming film. I wanted to capture the look of World War 2 propaganda posters, and I think I got fairly close. The painting was done in ArtRage, but the final layout, text and weathering was done in That Other Software (It's just a lot faster for that sort of thing).

    Inspiration comes initially from my brother, who briefly worked on the film as an extra - I think I caught some of his enthusiasm.

    I hope using an existing character doesn't go against the forum policy (I didn't see any rules against it, but I've not seen this sort of thing on here thus far).
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    I think this is magnificent painting, Harlequin...nice folds, good idea with those flags.. so sad... it was not the last one i am afraid... wonderful job on this.

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    Wonderful painting.. I've always had a great interest in the WWII era, and in my opinion, you have done a magnificent job of capturing the look of the posters of that period of time.
    Well done.
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    You gave the idea of WWII propaganda posters styles more or less similar all over the world (apart from the different national messages).
    It's a very nice illustration work and I think You would have been enrolled for this job!
    Concerning the Captain America character, my memory (as a boy in the 70ies) is that he was originally a WWII SuperHero who got hybernated and then revived so that his adventures on Marvel Comics were rather in that period Cold War scenario to contrast Soviets ....
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    The jacket is perfect.

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    Simply outstanding
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    It's amazing, but there's one big error:

    It's always abbreviated as "Cap", NEVER "Capt", as far as Captain America is concerned.

    A comma after "back" would smooth out the grammar.

    Keep it up!
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    Amazing work HarlequiNQB
    Sometimes...I remember better with my eyes closed

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  10. Thank you all for your generous comments

    Ceaser: your memory serves you pretty well. Captain America was originally a strip started before America even entered the War, and then discontinued in the mid 50's. Marvel brought him back a decade later and "retconned" to explain that he had gone into hibernation near the end of the war and had just been defrosted. This being comics, things get somewhat confusing after that, but I'm certain the cold war figured prominently. The version in the film is the earlier WWII era one.

    Icepulse: Curses, you're quite right. Cap wouldn't have the same ring as Capt in this context though so I'll blame it on the propaganda boys who didn't know any better (not that I did either mind you). I have no excuses for the coma though - I agree that it should really be there, but I shall leave it alone for now.

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