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Thread: Hello I am New & would like help

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    Question Hello I am New & would like help

    Hello all I just joined and do not know where to put this topic so please forgive me if it is in the wrong spot.

    I am building a game that will eventually be able to be a download online once it is complete. I have downloaded a map that I want to use for the game but I do not like the colors and I am adding buildings to it and it looks boring.

    Could someone please tell me an art program I could use or what I should do?

    I thank you ahead of time for your reponses.

  2. Obviously, the progam Photoshop is the king in this arena but if you are on a budget, there are a few about. Artrage is a good program for drawing and sketching in I feel, for editing a map, I'm not sure. Paintshop Pro and the Corel programs maybe worth a try. Look around the web for some demos and try them out.

    Why not post the map up in the crit forum and ask for some help from the community. There is a lot of artists around here I think could help out.

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