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Thread: I'm new

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    I'm new

    Hello there, I'm new to this forum and im using artrage for a short time now, cant seem to get better with it -.-

    I'm John, I'm 16 years old and i live in holland.

    Wanna know more,

    Just ask


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    Welcome to the ArtRage forums, John.
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    And great to see a chap of your age keen to learn more about ArtRage. From where I sit (old fart - and been at this art thing a fair time - stage), this great software is a close, digital extension of real world experience in natural media.

    If you like to draw with pencil on paper - the experience you'll get in AR is pretty similar. Same goes for chalk, crayon, inkline and the majority of other tools (barring stickers and gloop which are certainly different). It's never going to be exactly the same but the bottom line is this:- it really helps if you can draw and paint. The same rules apply about line, colour, perspective, lighting and the rest if you are going about creating an image that conforms to the conventional style. Practicing in the real world with real paper and pencil, real paints etc is only going to help. Studying books/online resources about how to paint and draw in real media is going to help too.

    That said the advantages that AR offers in terms of things like layers and blend modes, the ability to change the shape and size of an image after you've started it, the ability to mix media on an image that just would/could not happen in real media and a host of other perks make the digital experience a megalomaniac's dream. My favourite bit - no palettes smeared with dried paint to clean up.

    That's not even touching the less traditional approaches that digital has to offer but I would always recommend tackling the traditional first.

    There are a plethora of great tips/tricks/tutorials in the relevant section of the forum - and as you say in your own post - asking is a great way to get answers. The folk around here including the software developers themselves are very helpful and friendly.
    Don't forget you have a very thorough manual built in too which is well worth referring to. The answers to most of the questions you will come up with are in there and will become apparent as you become more familiar with it.

    Just spend time with the software. You'll quickly find out what works for you and what doesn't. We are all different and discover our own approach in the end. I look forward to seeing what you produce on your journey to find yours.
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  5. Listening to ol' Nick there is sound advice.

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    ol nick, LOL...

    welkom op dit forum, John !
    Just say: "Rage It", because we already know it's art.

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    Van harte welkom en veel ontwerp plezier!

    Welcome and enjoy designing!

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