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Thread: I've been trying my hand at Speed Painting (New Image: Bacon))

  1. I've been trying my hand at Speed Painting (New Image: Bacon))

    Speed painting, at least in the communities I was introduced to it, is an interesting way to rapidly produce interesting looking and quite impressionistic painting. I've seen Speed Painting also applied to those artists who show their work greatly speeded up - certainly these are still painted extremely quickly (and far better than I could do) but for me a speed paint needs to take less than an hour to complete - usually much less.

    Anyway, here's my latest couple. I usually post work in my blog, but I guess I need to post here more before I can link you to it If you like these I'll post some more, but I haven't time now - that works as a compromise.

    I really need to make a note to post on here more often anyway; until now I've only used the user gallery.
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    I really like this impressionistic style you have going with the speed painting!! I viewed your detailed work in the art gallery and also love your portraits. The styles are so different. Both are just great!!

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    I like where you are going with these pieces. I always thought a speed painting is a bit of a misnomer... that it really is something that takes a
    lot of time but they speed up the videos. I am confused again. Anyway I like both of these.

  4. gzairborne: Ah, yes, I didn't really clarify that very well. these are what I would consider true speed paints - The girl was done in 20 minutes, the bridge in 40 (And I consider that quite slow), but the term can also apply to those who take several hours on a piece but then show its creation speeded up for the viewer.

    steverino: Thank you, that means a lot. I do tend to have a style for every occasion, I should probably work on that I'll put up a couple more tonight, but I don't have access to the files just now.

  5. Here are a few more. All taking between 20 and 30 minutes.

    How do you get attachments to stack, rather than lining up horizontally?
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    These are all very very good and looking forward to seeing many more
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    Fine sketches!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

  8. Since I'll be away for a few weeks I thought I'd update this before I go. Some of these are actually quite old - not sure why I haven't posted them earlier. Most are from reference of some sort or another. I'll add some more in a minute...

    Death took 30 Minutes, The portrait 35.
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  9. I give up - I'll never figure out how to stack them, so I'll edit the last post and move two of them down here.

    Reindeer took 35 Minutes, the Dog took 50.
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  10. Dragon took 45 minutes, Portrait took 25.
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