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  1. Color Blindness - Protanopia

    My dad is colorblind. He can't see red. I did some online research to see what colors he can see. I found a good site where you can upload an image and see what it will look like to someone with different forms of colorblindness:
    The whole thing made me pretty sad. Colors are such an important part of my life. I made color pickers so that I could make a painting for my dad sometime. I used this site to get the colors:
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    I'm sorry that your father cannot enjoy the entirety of the visible spectrum and I am touched by what you want to do for him to let him enjoy art using colors he can percieve. I am thakful that you shared with us your passion and love. But if your father is not burdened by the ability he lacks than neither should you be. If he enjoys life and so should you. After all he must take much pride in your artwork.

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