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Thread: cmyk color picker

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    cmyk color picker

    A real pigment color picker would be a great addition to artrage. I like the concept of the rgb picker in artrage, but unfortunately, it uses the additive color spectrum (light colors) rather than the subtractive color spectrum (pigment colors). Because I am an artist and not a photographer, I find the rgb picker alien to me because I am used to the cmyk color scale. I would like the ambient design team to develop a series of cyan/magenta/yellow color pickers based on the rgb pickers already in artrage to make it easier to mix colors based on real pigments. I know The studio pro version of artrage already has a tint-tone picker, but I would rather mix colors based on the three primary pigment colors because it feels more natural.

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    yes please!

    has there been any progress on this?

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    Any news on this? I think this would be very important for illustrators that work with products that will be printted.

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    The problem with this is that as soon as you start mixing colours, it would stop being CYMK and start throwing out RGB results (limiting the exact shades that mixing could produce would be... well, something close to nightmarish).

    If you need to work specifically with CYMK colours, you're better off using a screenshot of colour options as a custom picker or building your own colour samples.

    Or convert your final image using Photoshop or free online converters or printing software, and compare directly to see which hues you need to be careful with.

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    this is understandable, but both photoshop and clip studio paint, for example, rely on rgb mixing, but still have optional cmyk sliders for color picking.
    they're often pretty useful, and some people are possibly only relying on dry media/dry brush application, this will limit out-of-gamut pigment mixing potential.

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