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Thread: How to make a picture frame with a shadow using AR3 SP

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    Lightbulb How to make a picture frame with a shadow using AR3 SP

    Hi all. Just thought I share this ‘quick’ tip for making a picture frame with a drop-shadow using AR3 SP. I've used this technique a couple of times recently when trying to display several sketches on one page.

    Here are the basic steps to follow (they look worse than they are ):

    1. Add a new layer group by clicking the button to the right of 'New' on the layers pallet. (see graphic below)
    2. Draw a rectangle (or whatever frame shape you want) using a stencil or the selection tool. Fill this with the colour you want for your frame.
    3. Duplicate this layer – twice.
    4. Fill one rectangle with a background colour and make slightly smaller using the transform tool. To make it more interesting it can be offset by moving it up and left as required.
    5. With the other rectangle layer selected, use ‘Edit --> blur layer’, with about a 4px blur setting. Move this rectangle down and to the right, as required to make the shadow. The intensity of the shadow can be reduced by either lowering the layer opacity or changing the brightness in the adjust layer colours option.
    6. Now duplicate the whole layer group and merge the new groups content. This turns the layer group into a normal layer. This new layer is displayed directly on top of the original layer group, so use the transform tool to move it to a new position on the canvas. Layer groups can be hidden by changing their opacity to ‘0’.
    7. Now bring in your first ArtRage painting using ‘Import image file to layer’. Resize/crop as required and position over the top of your picture frame. When happy, merge down the imported image layer and picture frame together.
    8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for each new painting in your ‘gallery’.
    9. If you want a different size frame, it’s possible by duplicating your layer group as normal, then use the transform group contents option. This works best when keeping to the same aspect ratio and making the frame smaller.

    Let me know if I've made any mistakes, or more importantly, if you know of a better ArtRage way of doing this. I have experimented using reference pictures, but you are limited to the visible screen size, and as I mainly do things on a tiny screen (1024x600) it all turns out a bit twee.

    All the best, Jono
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