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Thread: PSD [photoshop] exports

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    PSD [photoshop] exports


    While exploring the export options within ArtRage2 I've ran amuck with PSD [photoshop] export attempts.

    As a non-photoshop owner my attempts were to import the psd's into PaintShopPro 9 and the new [demo] of Xara Xtreme Pro.
    In PSP9 the import is flattened [contains unsupported features] and Xtreme Pro it responds with a 'doimport' error thus failing to load at all.

    Note: exports from either of these two programs imports without issue into ArtRage2.

    Realizing the challenges of psd file issues I can only hope ArtRage2 will soon be able to export psd's in a later version than 2.5. Could this be on the horizon?

    Till later, minstrel
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    Hi minstrel,

    Thanks for getting in touch. While we seem to be doing well with Photoshop opening export files, we did encounter a problem recently relating to a 3rd party app which was having problems opening an Artrage exported PSD, which we believe we've now worked out the cause for and should be fixed on an upcoming release.

    Would it be possible to email me a copy of one of the problem PSD files you've exported from ArtRage? We can take a look and see what can be found.

    You can email me at - I can get mails of up to 15MB in size. If you have any more information on the errors feel free to include it, that was quite useful last time in pinning down what the problem was. This may be the problem we're working on now, but it never hurts to check!
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