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Thread: Crystal Still Life

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    Crystal Still Life

    I got this reference photo from a dvd i ordered to learn how to paint this in watercolor. I used the slupplied line drawing to start with because I am not nearly the artist that some of you are.

    So here is the reference and the first few updates:
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    I know the lessons You're referring to and I think this is a quite challenging and long excercise, considering that watercolors in here cannot follow exactly the same process than real ones. Best wishes! The start is very promising!
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    Thank you Caesar. I am not even trying to use the watercolor tool here. I have only figured out how to use the airbrush, the eraser, and stencils. I use squares, ovals,and french curves to get clean edges.

    Here are a few more steps:
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    This is looking really good
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    Here are a few more steps. Getting more done on the red vase. All one layer so far.
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    a liitle more progress
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    Here is the rest of the green candlestick. It is a separate layer from the red vase.
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    now the rest. I didn't realize I could only upload 5 images at a time.
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    more progress
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    it looks like ppl are viewing this so I will keep going...
    one question to anyone willing to respond, should i keep showing each step of the way or should i skip ahead to show more progress with each step.
    One of my complaints has always been too few steps are usually shown.
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