The 1.0.2 update has been approved and should be available from the App Store. This version contains a set of fixes for color sampling (sampling in landscape view, and sampling from reference images which had a problem at the end of the sample stroke), and a fix for the oil brush which was stubbornly refusing to run out of paint while it was being used (don't forget - 100% Loading in the oil brush will make it do the same thing if you want that!).

Thanks to everyone who has been providing feedback on the product. We are currently working on another update that should address a number of issues that have been pointed out to us and we continue to work on improving stability for users experiencing crashes.

I would again like to invite anyone who is experiencing problems to contact us directly and let us know the details. The more information we get, the faster we can track down things that may have been missed in testing. Feel free to contact us via and we'd be happy to help.