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Thread: Question Before I Buy

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    Question Before I Buy

    I am curious as to how long after you buy ArtRage Studio Pro 3 are you able to get updates ? Are you able to get updates up until the next version for instance ? And when a new version is released, is their a discount to upgrade from your previously purchased version to the latest ?

    I appreciate any replies, I think this program is for me, I just would like to know about the updates & upgrades before I purchase.


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    All updates are free and will keep being released until the program is polished the best way)
    For example: AR3 was released on December of 2009 year, and the version 2.6 of AR2 has become available later on May of 2010
    When you register your copy of AR3 you can download new versions from Member Area after they are released

    And it's too soon talking about upgrade discount, because AR4 is not to be released in near future (I think guys from Ambient Design will keep discounting system, so when AR4 is released any owner of AR3 will get it for a less price)

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    There is usually quite a bit of time between major upgrades. The upgrades in between along the way are free. Artrage 3 just came out in 2009 almost a year ago... Christmas was it? The fine tune upgrades have been free. It's been more than fair price wise and more reasonable than any other drawing/painting program out there. The upgrade from 2.5 to 2.6 was also free. So after you buy you either get a discount on the new version or you get a free upgrade along the way to the next major upgrade. When 3.0 came out the folks who had 2.5 received a credit for already owning that version. Like I say, it is way more than reasonable... you won't be disappointed in the cost/value ratio. The major upgrades take awhile to come out. It's got to be one of the best software bargains out there today. I believe 3.0 was the third major upgrade in a period of four years. Artrage 1.0 came out in early 2004. We have had two improvements already to 3.0. that I know of.. probably more. We are on version 3.07 right now. So that means about six improvement upgrades at no charge. They are working on a new improvement upgrade soon. No additional charge for the next release of that upgrade. The Ambient guys will probably have better info, but just wanted you to know that it has been more than reasonable on the buyer side. When I first came here I think we were on 2.2 and that is 3.5 years ago and only a free upgrade to 2.2 for 2.0 owners. 2.5 was a small increase in price... I think $5.00 from 2.2.
    3.0 was the first upgrade in price that I remember. Like I said, more than reasonable. Also there was a free version through all those years since 1.0.

    If I made a few errors on history I will try to correct, but hope this helps you decide.

    2004 artrage 1 released as a free app
    2005 artrage 2.0 released still free version with a $20.00 deluxe version
    sketchbook pro was 179.00 at the time.
    2006 fall release artrage 2.2 still 20.00 and still a free version available
    2007 fall release artrage 2.5 deluxe released price 25.00 for full version download and stencils and adjustable rulers added...also a boxed CD version is offered for $39.95.
    2009 Christmastime....artrage 3.0 comes out with credit to owners of 2.5
    price is 80.00 for the Studio Pro version 2.5 is now 20.00 and a studio version is 40.00 credits for upgrades from smaller versions
    huge new improvements... major user interface improvements including palettes that really get out of the way if desired... also addition of watercolor brush, stickers and the sticker spray tool as well as a new illustration pen
    2010 2.6 version is free upgrade to 2.5 owners
    2010 artrage for ipad released. cost $6.99 I think.
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    Thanks for taking the time to inform me on my questions you two. I appreciate it. I agree that the pricing is very reasonable.

    I should hopefully be purchasing this software soon.

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